Ph.D. | University of Toronto | Department of Geography and Planning | 2013

The  Rouge National Urban Park is a large greenspace situated in one of Canada’s most urbanized regions. The park has a notable history of civil society involvement, and my research examined its management and governance.

My doctoral thesis was titled Urban Greenspace, Civil Society and Science: The Creation and Management of the Rouge Park, Ontario, Canada. This research contributes to the metropolitan governance, civil society, and resource management literature in that I investigate the outcomes of participatory initiatives within the environmental planning process, and how it can be impacted by residents. My supervisor was Dr. André Sorensen.

M.E.S. | York University | Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change | 2005

For my Masters research I explored the role of the politics, science, experts, and policy makers in the extension and further development of the ‘Big Pipe’, also known as the York Durham Sewer System. I examined the case of Robinson Creek, a tributary of the Rouge River that crosses the Big Pipe in northern Markham.

Environmentalists believed that the construction of the Big Pipe has significantly damaged local watersheds. Supporters of the project say that any impacts can be mitigated. At the centre of this debate are questions regarding the scientific studies used by both side of the issue and the role of experts within the policy formation process. My supervisor was Dr. L. Anders Sandberg.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Summer School | Lund University | 2004

B.E.S. | York University | Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change | 2003

For my Senior Honours Work I examined how environmental certification can provide positive ecological and socioeconomic benefits for the marine ornamental pet trade. I explored the benefits and limitations of obtaining Marine Aquarium Council certification to relevant stakeholders. My supervisor was the late Dr. Howard E. Daugherty.

B.Sc. | York University | Faculty of Science | 1999

For my undergraduate degree I took a variety of courses ranging from genetics to ornithology. I researched a diverse range of topics including; the impacts and controversies of zebra mussel control measures in the Great Lakes; the conservation challenges of the burrowing owl; and the colour and pattern variability in fishes.

Peer Reviewer

Manuscript reviewer for Parks (open access), and Geoforum.